iFuse Solutions is uniquely positioned in the market to serve your IT Staffing and Recruiting needs.  Our Executive Director and CEO, Nathan Knoll, comes from an IT background and had serviced the Northeast Ohio region from a technical perspective for 15 years before opening iFuse Solutions.

Nathan has a viewpoint unlike many people in the staffing industry. 

  1. He was recruited by IT staffing and recruiting firms during his time as a consultant so he knows what it is like to work with them.

  2. He utilized staffing firms in his time as a manager in IT. 


In both instances, he found there was a much left to be desired.

So after years of research and development, Nathan launched iFuse Solutions, and we haven't looked back.

A multitude of companies can promote a different experience when it comes to staffing, however not many can say they are actually different.  Given Nathan’s unique experiences, we approach staffing from an IT perspective; not a staffing prospective. 

  • We are a full-service firm that provides both direct placements and contract work.

  • iFuse is a Customer Service company that happens to provide IT Staffing and Recruiting to our Clients.

  • We bring 15 years of hands-on experience from the IT industry to the Recruiting industry, which allows us to provide in-depth technical screenings of our candidates in order to ensure they are the right fit. 


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